Steps to apply for a visa to Ecuador.


  • On the following link, create your profile and follow the steps for a visa application:
  • A consular officer will check your application and send you the answer, indicating that you have to make the first deposit or payment for the visa application. Log in with your username and password and check the notifications.
  • If you pay with an e-bank deposit you must attach your payment receipt (PDF) on the Virtual Consulate.
  • Please don’t forget that whenever you finish attaching your documents, payments or when you have selected a date for an appointment, you must always click “SEND”.
  • You have to wait for the notification for the second deposit for the payment of your visa.
  • You can come to the Consulate of Ecuador in Switzerland for an appointment only on Tuesdays or Wednesdays from 10.00 to 12.00 am. You must bring all the original information -uploaded in the virtual consulate.

Manual for use of Virtual Consulate visa process (only English)

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Atención, la información de la web dejó de actualizarse el 01/05/2021
Para obtener información actualizada, por favor ingrese en la nueva web institucional de la Embajada del Ecuador en Suiza: